September to November

Summer seems to be gone, even in south Texas, and I hope most of you are getting the opportunity to enjoy some outdoor time in the cooler fall and early winter air.  That is why I’m getting so far behind on processing images and keeping up fresh newsletter.  I’ve got a ton of shots from recent outings that I want to share with you, but for now, we will see the remains of those Rocky Mountain Trip photos we started several newsletters ago.  Here are some shots you haven’t seen, including a few from my return trip across Texas on a Sunday morning along I-10 east of Fort Stockton.

Enjoy the images in a larger, sharper format by clicking in the upper right area of a photo.  You can advance or reverse from there.

Path along the Jackson Lake shoreline with smokeyTetons at sunset.
Path along the Jackson Lake shoreline with smokey Tetons at sunset.


All of these rocky mountain landscape photos were done with the Canon 5D Mark II camera and either 16-35 mm or 24-104 mm lens on a Feisol cf tripod and ball head with electronic release.  Notice that several were taken before sunrise or after sunset when the colors were saturated and the tones were closer together.


Old farm and rail fence on Mormon Row east of the Tetons at sunrise.
Smoky sunset in the Teton National Park.
Tourists watching the sunset over Jackson Lake, Teton National Park.
Jackson Lake and the Tetons at sunset.


Smoke from forest fires masking the Tetons at sunrise.


Teton Park waterfall in autumn.


Walking a trail into the Idaho aspens on a fall afternoon.


Maples and aspen along the highway in eastern Idaho.


Shadows and aspen trunks in eastern Idaho.


Autumn west of the Tetons in Idaho.

The following shots were taken with the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 500 mm lens resting on a beanbag atop the car.  I had to get on a frontage road to escape traffic long enough to make these captures.


A Texas "Teton" east of Fort Stockton at sunrise.


Low cloud blowing over a mesa along I-10 east of Fort Stockton.


Full moon setting behind a "wind farm" along I-10 in west Texas.


Male ruby-throated hummingbird hovering at a feeder in my front yard.


The hummingbird shot was done with natural light and a hand-held 500 mm lens in my front yard as I was loading for the trip west in September.  I missed the big influx of hummers and never really saw very many after returning in October.

Have a happy Thanksgiving,