Everybody Has a new set of Antlers

Those big south Texas whitetails are sporting new antlers now.  Almost every buck is thrashing the brush trying to scrape away the old velvet.  Once it’s gone, the feisty males will begin sparring to test their new headgear.   

Here are some of images from recent outings:

White-tailed Deer, buck shedding velvet from blood-stained antlers.
White-tailed Deer, bucks mock-fighting after cleaning velvet from new antlers.
Whitetail bucks sparring with new antlers
Sparring white-tail bucks.
These bucks tested their new antlers for half an hour.
Velvet antlered buck reaching into a Huisache tree for fresh leaves.
White-tailed Deer, buck with antlers in velvet ( early August).
Whitetail buck in velvet; early August.
White-tailed Deer, bucks feeding in early August.