Reasons For You To Photograph This Spring at Transition Ranch

Here are 17 reasons you should get ready to pack your bags and head out past Uvalde to Transition Ranch with me this spring.  The food is great, the rooms are nice (they come with a pool and hot tub), the country is beautiful and…

Woodhouse’s Scrub Jay
Painted Bunting male
Blue Grosbeak
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher
Cactus Wren at photo blind
Gulf Fritillary by creek
Hooded Oriole male
Lazuli Bunting male
Northern Bobwhite, hen
orchard oriole, male
Scott’s Oriole male
Summer Tanager female
Vermilion Flycatcher male in front of our afternoon blind at Transition Ranch.
Yellow-breasted Chat perched over pond at photo blind.

This is only a handful of the species we photographed.  The ranch also has golden-cheeked warblers and black-capped vireos as well as many other species we photographed that aren’t shown here.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today by contacting me at  We have 2 spots available.