Fawns, Fishing and Eating Water Lilies

As the sun popped from the Gulf of Mexico today, I was photographing a wading fisherman in the Laguna Madre, south Texas.  Good fortune was with me as two fishing boats passed beyond him and I got them all in one shot.  Then I headed out to try finding fawn white-tailed deer since early July is the peak fawning  time in this part of the state.  Again, I was lucky and located several newborns, some as their mothers were tucking them away in tall cover for the day.  BUT, my search continues for that best of all baby deer photos…nursing time with a fawn on either side of a doe.  I just have to keep trying.

Click on a photo to enlarge and sharpen it.  Then click on the arrows at either side to advance or back up.

Fishermen on a sunrise mission in boats and waders, Laguna Madre, Texas.


White-tailed Deer, doe keeping her baby scent-free.
White-tailed Deer, fawns standing in young mesquite. shrubs, s. Texas.
White-tailed Deer fawn hiding in tall grass, s. Texas.
White-tailed Deer, summer buck putting on good antlers.


Horses eating water lilies.

These horses were escaping mosquitos and munching water lilies in an ephemeral pond.

For most of these images, I used a tripod, Canon 5D Mark IV camera and 100-400 mm lens.  The big buck was done with a 7D Mark II and 500 mm lens, hand-held.