Last Week at Laguna Seca Photo Ranch

Barbara and Tom Pickthall joined me for two days of photography last week at Laguna Seca Photography Ranch north of Edinburg, Texas.  The summer temperatures had arrived and were climbing each day, so the wildlife needed lots of water.  While waiting patiently in photo blinds at various waterholes, we were able to capture some nice images.

Here are a few of my shots.  Most were made with the Canon 500 mm lens and Canon 5D Mark IV camera from a Gitzo carbon-fiber tripod.

Blue Grosbeak male in spike rush.
Blue Grosbeak male taking flight.
Pair bonding Northern Cardinals.
Green Jay nuptial meal.
Northern Bobwhite eating manzanita fruit, s. Texas.
Northern Bobwhite hen watching young as she feeds.
Northern Bobwhite drinking behind grassy cover.
Northern Bobwhite hen at the waterhole
Common Ground Dove kicking up sand at it reacts to some quick movement in the weeds.
Great Kiskadee eating manzanita fruit, s. Texas.
Pyrrhuloxia male with tall crest.
Painted Bunting, male with Cedar Waxwing haircut.
Painted Bunting male on lichen-covered twig, s. Texas.

As we finished the first afternoon’s shoot and the shadows were growing long, an old male bobcat strolled passed.  I made several  squeaking sounds (by sucking on the web of skin between my index finger and thumb) and got a response.  We all got great shots of his reaction.

Bobcat male pauses to listen for prey.

I hope to begin getting these newsletters posted more frequently.  Thanks for dropping by.