Catching Up on Winter and Spring

It’s been so long since I put together a newsletter, I almost forgot my password.  But, here we are, so lets review.  Way back in January, I spent a day at Laguna Seca Photo Ranch and got some nice shots early.  We were hoping the white-tailed hawks would make an appearance; that didn’t happen.  A plethora of caracaras came to the bait, so we had fun while that lasted.

Black Vulture landing as crested caracara flies away.
Crested Caracara coming in for a landing at photo blind.
juvenile Crested Caracara grooming adult.
Caracara display.
Crested Caracara displaying.
Juvenile crested caracara landing.

This young bird is coming back for more even though it obviously got a crop full on an earlier visit.

Crested Caracara turning in flight.
Crested Caracara and black vultures on deer carcass, s. Texas.
Eastern Meadowlark in grassland, s. Texas.
Heavily cropped image of adult white-tailed hawk that never came close to the photo blind.

Most of these flight shots were done with the Canon 100-400 lens while the ground shots were made with the 500 mm lens.