South Padre Island Marsh

The marshes at South Padre Island offer some fine bird photography almost anytime of the year, but mid-May is one of my favorite. Here is a sample of what was happening in the marsh earlier this week.

Great Blue Heron landing in marsh
Red-winged Blackbird male singing from the boardwalk handrail.

This courting male Red-winged Blackbird was all over the place.

Red-winged Blackbird doing the splits between cattails.
Muddy feet are of no concern when it’s mating time.
Mating Killdeer dismount..
Black-necked Stilts dancing by the Salt Grass.
Black-necked Stilt, female on nest
Black-necked Stilt male preparing to incubate eggs.
Black-necked Stilt, female feeding

A late afternoon fog bank gave the stilts enough shade to keep the eggs from baking while the pair poked about for supper. Their eggs should hatch during the Memorial Day weekend, but 4 days of bumper to bumper vehicle traffic will prevent all but the most intrepid wildlife photographers from recording it.


2 thoughts on “South Padre Island Marsh”

  1. Good morning, Larry. I enjoy viewing your recent newsletters. In this one today, all the images are great. My favorite is the “dancing stilts.” I do not recall ever seeing this type bird. I like the action in this image with those brightly colored legs. Keep doing newsletters often.

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this comment until today. Glad you liked the stilts. They were at the birding center on south padre island.

      Always good to hear from you.

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