More Scenics from the Rockies

When I went our west a few weeks ago, I promised myself and fellow photographer, Joe Zinn, that I was ready to really get “focused” on landscapes.  I even bought a new camera, tripod and some other essentials for serious landscape work.  I thought the results were well worth the effort.  My thanks to Joe who knew where to go and when to be there.  We were really in his big back yard once we headed up through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

Here is a batch of the landscapes we recorded as digital images in late September and early October.  Some are on my Facebook site, as well.

You can click on any of the photos to enlarge and sharpen them for better viewing.  Advance through the photos by clicking in the upper right portion an image.

Maples and aspens along the highway south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.


Colorful cover on the forest floor in Teton National Park, Wyoming.


We photographed a herd of elk in this Rocky Mountain National Park meadow one afternoon and returned the next day to capture the colors by this small creek.


Tree reflections in Jackson Lake, Teton National Park.


With smoke covering the Tetons, we had to find a different way to photograph the barns along Mormon Road in Teton National Park.


Morning light on the sandstone cliffs in Colorado National Monument at Grand Junction.


Pink morning light on a waterfall by the Snake River, Idaho.


Gazebos in a city park, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


Curious horse in a pasture along the Snake River, Idaho.


Dr. James Johnson of College Station, Texas composing another of his great landscapes on a hillside by Jackson Lake in Teton National Park.


Smoky sunrise over an old farm stead on Mormon Road in Teton National Park.


Watching the sun set behind the Tetons and Jackson Lake, Teton National Park, Wyoming.


Crescent moon setting on the Tetons at the Oxbow, Teton National Park, Wyoming.


I still have more landscapes from the Rockies for next week’s newsletter, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile, I’ve been photographing hawks, caracaras, piping plovers and warblers, so there will be plenty of photography to share in the coming weeks.