Another Look at the Lucifer Hummingbird

Only one slot remains for some lucky person who wants to photograph hummingbirds next month in the Christmas and Davis Mountains of Texas.  Take a look at these images from last year’s trip and contact me if you are interested.  This year, we should have a good chance to see Magnificant (Rivoli’s), Rufous, Broad-billed, Calliope, Black-chinned and Lucifer Hummingbirds.

Click on an image to automatically enlarge and sharpen it for better viewing.

Lucifer Hummingbird, male on yucca leaf, Christmas Mountains, Texas.
Female Lucifer hummingbird drinking at garden flower, west Texas.
Lucifer hummingbird drinking at garden flower, west Texas.
Lucifer Hummingbird, male perched in cat claw bush, Christmas Mountains, Texas.
Male Lucifer hummingbird feeding at garden flower, west Texas.

This trip will be part of the Davis Mountains Hummingbird Festival.  I’ll be your photography guide.  The multi-flash set up will be available for flight shots like these.  The perch shots were done without flash in a totally natural setting near feeders.


Go to 956-330-2114 or to register.  Get more details at my website (  When the site opens, just click on Photo Tour Schedule.